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Feel free to pop in at any time, there is always someone here to give you a tour. For a tour with the director please come and visit us between Monday – Friday 11:30 to 18:30.

For enrolment forms please email us at the email provided above and we will get back to you.

Message from the Director

I have been in the Child Care Industry for 9 years now. My passion for becoming a childcare worker started with my own experience of having children, nurturing them, watching them grow and helping them develop. From being a regular house-wife, I am now the proud owner of Sunny Stars Berwick. My goal is to help children fulfill their need and wants, which is why the environment at Sunny Stars Berwick is Family orientated. This feeling is present from the moment you enter.

Staring as a volunteer working in the childcare industry I have worked my way up from being an assistant educator to an OSH hour coordinator to now the director of Sunny Stars Berwick.

My experience in the industry has tough me several things, till this day I am still learning and improving my skills for the benefit both children and parents as well as the relationship with my fellow hard working educators.